Post Liposuction Results & Review

I thought it might be a good to add my more recent pics after full recovery and how I’ve managed to maintained the results. FYI I hate exercising so I try to eat healthier, cutting down on carbs, drinking water or tea/coffee without sugar.

Just for timeline, both my liposuction procedures (arms & jowls) were done in Oct 2010. And pictures below are not only edited by filters and to maintain my anonymity (blackout eyes).

Taken 6 months post op. Had to celebrate with a beach holiday 🙂

1743147_10153794158790437_135132933_n copy
Taken in Nov 2011, more than 1 year

1743223_10153794158785437_2147131318_n copy
Taken in Oct 2012

1620127_10153794158780437_389753951_n copy
Taken in 2012

1616446_10153794158770437_744668828_n copy
Taken in 2013

Before undergoing liposuction with Dr Arthur, I hardly took any pics and even when I did, I’m always hiding behind others or had to rely on my hair to cover the sides on my face, and if tt didn’t work, then out comes photoshop liquify! haha

Now, I can wear my hair back and confidently wear all my NEW sleeveless tops and dresses. Anw, I guess you can tell, I got married about a year after my procedures. It was planned. Once I got engaged, I immediately began to consider seriously about slimming down. Cos I wanted to look my best on my wedding day since there will be lots and lots of pictures taken. And I’m super glad I did it cos I could happily wear a STRAPLESS gown. LOL. My advice to all brides-to-be is to have AT LEAST 6-9 mths for full recovery for all the swelling to go away and the skin to tighten 🙂

Arms Liposuction

Just like most women out there, I love to take pictures. You can call me a photowhore. I love to wear tube top, spag tops, and even a simple sleeveless dress. Unless you’re naturally skinny, it’s hard to look good in them and pictures tend to be unflattering and photoshop has been my best friend for many years. Surrounded by skinny friends who are able to wear anything, I simply lost all my confidence. Whatever I wear, I always have to hide my arms with cardigans, blazers. With someone who has eczema living in humid Singapore, it’s really a torture having to wear so many layers.

After much research and reading all the case studies by Dr Arthur Tjandra from Elixir de Vie, I’m very determined to give it a try. So I emailed Jennifer about my enquiry and she was very helpful. After a blood test, I set a surgery date and booked my flight to Medan in Oct 2010.

Back then, the airport ~30min drive away from the clinic and there was free airport transfer to and fro. After settling down in the clinic/house, I had my face to face consultation with Dr Arthur. It was a very frank consultation and Dr Arthur is not pushy and gives me his honest opinions while managing my expectations. During the consultation, he did warn me that because of the elasticity of my skin, I may not be able to achieve stick thin arms like those supermodels. But let’s take a look at my before after pictures…






I was unconscious throughout the surgery and when I woke up I was already bandaged. I couldn’t wait to see my arms the next day when I go for the daily free drainage massage. The after pics tt u see above were taken the next day when most of the swelling has not set in. The nurses were very friendly and gentle with the dressing.

The incision wounds were very small and easily hidden by my skin folds. The scars completely disappeared by 1 year. I didn’t go for any lymphatic massage when I came back to Singapore and just relied on wearing my Design Veronique compression garment religiously for 6 weeks. There were no lumps underneath my skin and I had a very smooth recovery.

3 years after, I’m planning to go for liposuction with Dr Arthur again. THis time to tackle my thighs and/or tummy 🙂

Jowls Liposuction

I’ve always been troubled with my chubby face and double chin. I’ve tried vaser liposuction in Singapore with an aesthetic clinic and I wasn’t pleased with the result. In fact, after that procedure my face looked even rounder than before. Can you imagine spending money in hopes to look better but you walk away with a HUGE bill to match my HUGE face. Super depressing. Even all my friends and family agree with me

It took me almost one year to try to slim back down to my pre-op look. But my search for a slimmer face continues when I chanced upon Elixir De Vie at Medan run by Dr Arthur Tjandra who practices the traditional tumescent liposuction method.

So I journeyed to Medan in October 2010 with fingers crossed. Just look at my pictures.





After I woke up from the surgery and saw my face in the mirror, I was very satisfied with the result. I can say there was minimal swelling and I even went out and tour Medan City on the same day as the surgery.

Dr Arthur totally understand what I wanted and helped me achieve a defined jawline. Its been more than 3 years since my surgery and my jawline is still defined.

Stay tuned for my write up on my arms liposuction with Dr Arthur.